The majority of our “worship” doesn’t happen on Sunday mornings. The majority of it happens the other 167 hours of the week.

We need songs that accompany us on the journey. Songs that aren’t just for Sunday mornings but also for all the other hours of the week. Songs that help us make sense of God and the world around us. Songs that, like John the Baptist, prepare the way for God in our midst and bring those “aha” moments of clarity when we encounter God. We’ve all been moved by songs like that.

In worship music, fresh language and musical creativity are really important. Not so that the songwriter can feel clever, but so worshipers can gain new glimpses into God and His Kingdom. The goal of Mountaintops is to create art that inspires those moments. Art that moves God’s heart and serves the church in their worship.

And so these songs are for you.

With all the creativity and honesty and skill we can muster, we offer our creativity. May you gain beautiful new glimpses into the Kingdom of God as you encounter Him in worship.