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We have some deep convictions about encountering God, serving the church, and exploring the depths of creativity in worship. If that resonates with you, here's a few meaningful ways you could partner with us along the journey... 


We believe when God's people pray, He responds. For sincerely ask for your prayers for creativity, humility, unity, sustainability, wisdom, resources, etc. Above all, we pray that Mountaintops will be a means (never an ends) by which people can encounter God. 


These days, social media is powerful. Each time a person shares a song or video or quote that we post, it reaches hundreds or thousands more people. We believe that there are (more) people out there that could be blessed by this music, and some of them are your friends. 

Stay up to date with us on Facebook, invite your friends to like the page, and help us share the good news of God and His Kingdom, yeah?


It's no secret that any ministry needs funding to be sustainable. We believe there are folks who are financially blessed who are looking for opportunities to help in God's Kingdom work. In fact, that's how Mountaintops was started. Would you pray and ask the Spirit if this is a ministry you might financially support?

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