We have some deep passions and convictions about encountering God, serving the church, and exploring the depths of creativity in worship. Some folks have asked us how they can get involved. Here’s a few meaningful ways you could partner with us along the journey.


From the inception of Mountaintops, God has been revealing his abundance to us. Showing us that he has no shortage of resources, and that since he orchestrated the creation of the universe, he can certainly orchestrate the logistics of a little music ministry. We believe when God’s people pray, he responds. We sincerely ask for honest prayers for: creativity, humility, unity, sustainability, wisdom, resources, etc. Above all, we hope Mountaintops can be simply a means (never an ends) by which people encounter God. 


These days, social media is powerful. Each time a person shares a song or video or quote that we post, it reaches hundreds more people. Believe it or not, a hundred Facebook shares goes further than a hundred marketing dollars. We believe that there are (more) people out there that could be blessed by this music, and some of them are your friends. So if you dig it and want to help us invite more people to worship God, would you help us share it?

Stay up to date with us on Facebook. And if you dig it, would you share it?


It’s no secret that any ministry needs funding to be sustainable. Donations are important, especially in the beginning. We believe there are folks who are financially blessed who love worship music and are looking for opportunities to help in God’s Kingdom work. In fact, that’s how Mountaintops was started. If you’re one of those people, would you pray and ask the Spirit if this is a ministry you might support financially?